We have 4 basic sizes of Sleigh Bell door hangers, each of which is approximately 20" long with a 3" Brass ring to hang them by. 

    Smaller:  3 bells numbered 3, 4 & 5, aprox. 10" long.  
    Small:      5 bells numbered from 1 to 5.  
    Medium: 5 bells numbered from 5 to 10
    Large:     5 bells numbered from 11 to 15

There is also the 15 bell set will all the bells on it, at nearly 5' in length.

Brass bell  come with either Black,  Russet or Burgundy colored leather.
Chrome bells come with either Black or Burgundy colored leather.

Great of indoor or outdoor use, leather is weather resistant.

Shown are: Small Brass on brown leather
Medium Brass on burgundy leather &
Large Chrome on black leather.

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  Brass Bell set Chrome Bell set
3 bell $20 $28
5 bell small $26 $38
5 bell medium $45 $62
5 bell large $68 $98
15 bell $135 $185



Customers Say:

          "They are more than decoration, they make a great door alarm"

                        "Put different colored ribbons on it. There are good for all  seasons, not just Christmas."