If we had nothing other to offer you, may you find what you are looking for with these links.  Do come back from time to time as we will update as often as possible and as required, including additional links that we find.


Leather Supply, Information and Resources

    The Leather Factory Leather, tools, patterns. Need more be said?

    Tandy Leather Now owned by The Leather Factory, you will find the same and different items

    Hide & Leather House  Awesome Leather source

    DKG Leather Run by former Tandy store managers

    Ohio Travel Bag  Great source of hooks, clasps, closures, handles and other supplies

    The International Internet Leather Crafters Guild

    International Federation of Leather Guilds




    The Costumer's Manifesto

    Do it yourself Medieval & Renaissance Costuming

    Strapwell Leather  Finished Leather goods for the Recreationist (belts, frogs, bracers)

    Costume College

    Alter Years  A Brick & Click costuming resource


    Albion Reproductions  Jewelry reproductions of Elizabethan works


    The Adrian Empire

        The Kingdom of Esperance

    The Society for Creative Anarchism  SCA

    The Empire of Chivalry and Steel

    Renaissance Entertainment Corporation

Shopping for Living History Re-enactors

    Smoke & Fire Company Providing Goods for Living History Re-enactors

    The Renaissance Store Providing Clothing, patterns, feast ware and many other goods.




    Ancient Clay  Ceramic works. Green Man, Dragon incense burners, bowls, mugs and much much more.

    Nancy Chien-Eriksen Original Fine Art that captures the spirit and essence of animals