Phantom's Paw Leatherwurx includes many and varied leather goods. From the decorative to .... ah well it's all up to you. In all cases unless otherwise requested, only top grain leather is used. Be warned tho! Due to the nature of the window you look upon us with, and the painters skill, colors you see here may vary from the actual product. We will remind you of this one or more times on later pages.

    Many of our belts have been used at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire and within the Adrian Empire.  They are very good for the SCA, ECS or LARP members too.

    The Wall Plaques have taken influence from Ancient Egypt, Celtic, and Asia. These designs have also found their way onto the Leather Bound Notebooks. The Notebooks are very good for Scrapbookers, as Photo albums, or whatever else you may have in mind.

    Our Masks too have now been seen in one of the play at the 2003 Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. Maybe we can make something for you.

    For those with a more adventurous bent in life, we may have just what is needed to keep things bound in place or to give added incentive.


    Again please bare with us as we attempt to clean up the tools and scraps while we stitch in what is or may be missing, misplaced or even lost.  Thank You for stopping by.